May 4 Elder Event Kicked Off 100-Year Celebration

St. Luke’s Elders got the first, quite literally, taste of all that hard work at a special luncheon celebration on May 4th.

Cynthia Cobb, a member of the BOVC and 100th Anniversary Committee, took the lead on organizing the Cinco de Mayo-themed luncheon, which featured street tacos, a greeting and brief history about St. Luke’s from Debby Johnson, 100th Anniversary Committee Chair. Festive Mariachi music played in the background creating a festive and celebratory atmosphere.

“We filled the dining room with bright paper flowers and other festive decorations,” Cynthia shared. “We wanted to make sure the Elders know about St. Luke’s rich history!”

A special “shout out” to Melissa Hernandez and the St. Luke’s culinary staff for the delicious food and beverages prepared for the Elders.

A special “Olé” to all, and let the 100th Anniversary celebrations begin!

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