100th Anniversary Committee Missive

100 years is impressive and how does that happen? It happens when mothers inspire daughters who inspire friends and we come together to form a group that continues a mission that began in 1917. We continue to contribute hours, ideas, enthusiasm and money, as well as work with and stand tall with the Board of Directors. It’s a love for helping those in need; a vulnerable group of citizens that unfortunately continues to grow. The women of the Board of Visitors has lifted up and moved forward the mission of St. Luke’s. This inspiration and history is our legacy.

Left to right: Amanda Wood, Mary Greene, Nancy Nagle, Merrily Davis, Ruth Campbell, Pat Bjorhovde, Cynthia Cobb, Becky Henne and Debby Johnson.
(not pictured: Jere Voigt and Sandie Witthoft)

The 100th Anniversary Committee is comprised of eleven dedicated women; Past Board of Visitors Presidents, Past and current Baile de las Flores Chairs, Chapel Restoration members, Home Board members, Sensational Settings Chairs, Treasurers, Past Board of Trustees members, the current Board of Directors president and community volunteers. They combine more than 200 years of volunteer service to St. Luke’s Home.  This committee is committed to sharing the incredible 100-year history of St. Luke’s with the Tucson community, celebrating the Elders who reside at the home and leaving a footprint to the next 100 years.

Our 100th Anniversary Year

Kicking off the 100th Anniversary year in May 2018, a Cinco de Mayo celebration was held for the Elders at the home. A newly published book, The St. Luke’s in the Desert Story: A Century of Community Service, leaves an historical, fascinating legacy launched in late October 2018. You will see us promoting the book and the home at the Tucson Festival of Books on March 2-3, 2019. The finale will be held on April 6, 2019 at the beautiful JW Marriott Star Pass Spa and Resort, a fiesta that will be the talk of Tucson, the 100th Baile de las Flores.

“Why would I say yes to a commitment that is 3 years long? Because, quite simply, I was given the opportunity to work with amazing women and support the most worthwhile mission of a Tucson historical treasure. I have been a proud and grateful part of the St. Luke’s family for over 25 years and I look forward to being a part of the next 100 years of St. Luke’s caring for those in need. St. Luke’s Home will forever have a place in my heart, so the decision was an easy one to make.”
~ Debby Johnson


This website is dedicated in loving memory of Christie Sherwood Spencer, December 24, 1955 – August 28, 2018.

Christie was a special warrior for St. Luke’s Home in the Desert. She served on the Board of Trustees and created Sensational Settings, a fundraising event that brought the community together and had an 18-year run.

When planning an event Christie always asked, “well, how big are your dreams?” Her specialty was making memories and we have some great ones.
XOXO (her signature)

Committee Members

Debby Johnson – Chair
Pat Bjorhovde – Solicitations
Ruth Campbell – Member at Large
Cynthia Cobb – Elder Event & Book Festival
Merrily Davis – October Recognition & Book Launch
Mary Greene – Historical Publication & 100th Baile Chair
Becky Henne – Book Festival
Nancy Nagle – Board of Directors President
Jere Voigt – Historical Publication & Chapel Chat
Sandie Witthoft – October Recognition, Book Launch & Book Festival
Amanda Johnson Wood – Member at Large